Sunday, February 7, 2010

Media Validates Energication Principles

In Saturday's Oregonian, Anna Griffin provides a commentary on the importance of a state education strategy that includes renewable energy and in particular the potential that holds for the electric car being a part of it.  The spot-on argument is that how can we attract companies that, in this example, build electric cars or the equipment used to make them, if we are not training our students appropriately.  (The full story is available here.)

For the regular readers of Energication, you know this is nothing new to us.  However, there is a very encouraging signal built into this observation from the media.

While Griffin makes solid points throughout, there is one that resonates particularly strong with me.  Quoting Multnomah County Commissioner Jeff Cogen who said, "We have a small window of time over the next three to five years to become a leader.  It's what happened with biotech, except we were 20 years late in the game."  One could argue that Oregon may not YET be the leader in renewable energy technology, but one could also argue that we are already a contender.

While Energication has been observing the opportunities and potential that comes with making renewable energy a part of our students' curriculum, we have also been pulling newsworthy events together, looking at them through an educator's eyes, and hoping to open more eyes in the process.  Having the media send a message consistent with ours is, well, validating.  Energication would like to think that we reach the world with our message (we have had visitors from nine countries and 14 of our United States), but of course our reach is not anywhere near the Oregonian's nor

Is Energication pleased with the assistance in spreading the message?  Of course.

Is there still a long way to go to make our vision a reality?  Absolutely.

What else can we be doing?



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