Friday, January 8, 2010

Education Isn't Only For Students

When it comes to debunking myths about renewable energy, in this case specifically, electric and plug-in electric vehicles, it isn't only our students who need to be educated.  There is still a great misconception out there - in many circles - about this new science of renewable energy.

Plug In America is a non-profit group advocating the adoption of electric vehicles.  They have issued a report of 12 Plug-in Electric Vehicle Myths.  I'll just list them here as thought provokers.  Click on the link for the full report:
  1. MYTH: EVs don't have enough range. You'll be stranded when you run out of electricity
  2. MYTH: EVs are good for short city trips only
  3. MYTH: EVs just replace the tailpipe with a smokestack
  4. MYTH: The charging infrastructure must be built before people will adopt EVs
  5. MYTH: The grid will crash if millions of plug-ins charge at once
  6. MYTH: Battery chemicals are bad for the environment and can't be recycled
  7. MYTH: EVs take too long to charge
  8. MYTH: Plug-ins are too expensive for market penetration
  9. MYTH: Batteries will cost $15,000 to replace after only a few years
  10. MYTH: There isn't enough lithium in the world to make all the new batteries
  11. MYTH: Lithium batteries are dangerous and can explode
  12. MYTH: Most of us will still be driving gas cars through 2050
My point?  As we take steps to properly educate our students about renewable energy, about the technologies behind various modes of transportation, and the science supporting all aspects of the topic, they will encounter "adults" who just don't get it.

Sounds like teaching some patience may be in order as well.



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