Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Changes All Around

After a long absense, Energication (and what's driving it) is going through some changes.  First, the physical ones.

You'll see the addition of some sponsor boxes.  The Adgitize network is one I use for my other blogs and it provides a small (very small) source of income to defray a few costs.  Yes, Blogger doesn't cost anything to use, but my other blogs are self-hosted and it's nice to earn a few pennies for the amount of time invested.  The PayPal Donate button is new as well.  My thinking is that if any of this information is useful in any way, readers have the option to say "Thank You."

Now, the "driving" changes.

In September, we received the decision from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation that the Center for Advanced Learning would not be receiving the solar grant.  There weren't funds available for projects in our geographic region.  That caused us to reassess the mission due to the school calendar, student involvement, and our own availability.  A new strategy has emerged for CAL, but Energication is staying true to its purpose.

CAL will continue to look at revamping its curriculum, not just with an eye toward renewable energy, but engineering overall.  It is accepted that the United States is far behind many other countries in this area and a hard look (not just at CAL) is warranted.  Work will begin in January to exlore options.

For Energication, I will continue to look for opportunities to connect renewable energy topics to their relevance for education.  There are many battles to fight.  If everyone simply identified one or two key battles (my two mentioned here,) we'd be headed in the right direction.


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