Monday, August 24, 2009

Brammo Electrifies Motorcycles

Much of the discussion on Energication is serious. Curriculum, students, projects, grants, how to apply the concepts of renewable energy. Sometimes, it just makes sense to have a little fun.

This is one of those times.

Brammo, Inc. is based in Ashland. Yes, Ashland, Oregon. In May, they announced their first product, the Enertia electric motorcycle. Excuse me, "powercycle." You can see from the video above, this is not "your grandpa's motorcycle." With a top speed posted at "55+" and an average range of about 50 miles, this is an amazing piece of technology - right here in Oregon.

Why share this? One of the strong beliefs I developed during my eight years as a school board member was the importance of relevance in our curriculum. If students can't relate to the topic, how can they be motivated to achieve their full potential? Sure, educating our students is serious business. But making sure we help them relate that education to a wide variety of options on how to apply it is equally important.

I would venture a guess that many high school students can relate to a motorcycle.

Whether a student picks up on the environmental benefits of an electric motorcycle, sees the potential in higher capacity/lower weight battery packs, or just thinks it's cool, this is simply one example in what I hope to be many more in the future to help... well... er... ah... "spark" interest in renewable energy and its applications.


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