Monday, July 6, 2009

Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Learn more about the Bonneville Environmental Foundation:

After the "Welcome Post," the first decision was to choose the initial post topic. What better starting point than with the organization that is not only doing great work in their own right, but may be a significant player in getting Renewable Energy Education off the ground in the Gresham-Barlow School District. This post will showcase the Bonneville Environmental Foundation and the important work they do.

By now, you may have enjoyed the "Learn More About" video above and the others available there as well, so you have a basic understanding of what BEF does. The Center for Advanced Learning, in Gresham, Oregon submitted a grant application for a working solar system with supporting curriculum through BEF's "Solar 4R Schools" program. Here's another video:

Through awarding schools with grants to fund working solar systems, monitoring equipment and the curriculum to tie it all together, BEF is promoting the adoption of solar installations with the next generation of energy users - our students. The video is quite accurate when it says,

"The Solar School Program exposes our children to the energy issues they'll face in the future and inspires them with hands-on experiences of tangible results. Most importantly, it gets them excited about making a difference by creating a sense of responsibility an engagement in the environment."

We have not even heard if we are getting the grant and already the students with whom I've interacted are thrilled with the possibilities.

Regardless of how we do with the grant award, BEF has already been the catalyst for creating excitement about renewable energy curriculum at The Center for Advanced Learning - and we've only started!


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