Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bolster Curriculum One Step at a Time

In the Sunday, July 19 Oregonian, Bill Bigelow wrote about how far behind Portland schools are in teaching accurately about global warming. As someone who knows how expensive and time consuming it is to adopt text books, I can understand how any district, in any state, could be behind the curve. I'm not here to bash anyone - the point of Energication is to advance the study of renewable energy one step at a time and not tear down those who are still behind.

The example Mr. Bigelow cites, though, has a crucial underlying element: how do our students get more accurate and timely information, delivered by trained teaching professionals, when text book adoption naturally lags behind? Energication.

OK, this blog is not the answer, but it is a forum for developing the thought-provoking discussion, sharing the informational resources necessary to start a local effort, and to engage students, teachers, administrators and the business community to allow them to see what's possible.

So how does Energication bolster the curriculum until text book adoption cycles (and budgets!) can catch up? We're starting small, with that first step, with our first grant application for our first working solar array and related curriculum. We'll know by September if the Bonneville Education Foundation is able to award us the grant. And if so, we are on our way.

But even if they can't, the Center For Advanced Learning has "energized" a large group of students, some teachers, the Center's Director, and it's Board of Education. The first step in effect has begun - the grant will actually be our second step!

To take your first step, use the materials contained in Energication to raise awareness. If you find you need to deliver a heavier punch and you are in the general Portland Metropolitan Ares, I'm happy to speak to your group to share the perspectives gained so far. After all, that's how the Center for Advanced Learning took their first steps.

Many of our schools are behind the curve with text books. Straighten that curve by taking one step at a time with the resources brought to bear with Energication.


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